Law enforcement problems in Colorado

Hello, as a french citizen, in reaction, my point of view is more of the libertarian kind.
Inside of the USA you have different States, then different Counties in there.
The great power of your democracy, democracies ? , is that it takes place at the bottom first. The independance beetween different kind of power is another great luck that your system offers to its citizens.

The sheriff is not as good as he should be ? Ok the citizen can dismiss him.
Anyway if one cannot bear the way that things go in the county or even the state, hey he just have to move on, vote with his feet.

I live in a centralized state, any place should be ruled the same way by “professionnal” right from the school, “knowing what thing should be administered”, not by politicians listening what the people wants. After 60 years of that regime we can see the limits of “pros” government. They are more and more like “mandarin” from the ancient chinese empire. Less and less democracy seems to take place in our policies.

So even if I suppose that I would not really like the way your Sheriffs think, the fact is that they are doing the job, taking their responsabilities. Though I hope for you that they will lose their next election.

Pied Type

This hasn’t been a great week in the news for Colorado law enforcement.

We learned a few day ago that some 350 inmates had apparently been released early and were at large. It wasn’t that long ago than Evan Ebel was released early by mistake and several weeks later murdered pizza delivery man Nathan Leon and Department of Corrections Director Tom Clemens.

Then this evening there was a story about a problem with the training of all the expensive drug-sniffing dogs used in the state. They’re all trained to detect marijuana along with other drugs, but marijuana is now legal in Colorado. If the dogs alert, handlers don’t know if it’s on marijuana or something else, so they don’t know if they can legally conduct a search. It will be expensive and time-consuming to acquire new dogs that are trained to ignore marijuana. Not a big demand for them.

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